In an August 3rd profile of high-end family law practitioners Daniel Jaffe and Bruce Clemens, the Los Angeles Daily Journal quoted these lawyers as citing five important areas for litigators:

“A lawyer has to know people, know financial issues, know the law, know how to try a case and know how to settle a case. . . It seems obvious, but there are very few lawyers who have high skill levels in all five.  If you don’t have all five and the other side does, your client is at a disadvantage.”

Does your lawyer have all five? I like to think I’m solid on four of them, but complex financial issues–for which an accountant would be required anyway–may not be my forte.   Of course I don’t practice family law.

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I am an AV-Preeminent rated trial lawyer. My practice focuses on helping companies throughout Southern California resolve employment and business disputes. The words in this blog are mine alone, and do not reflect the views of the Dykema law firm or its clients. Also, these words are not intended to constitute legal advice, and reading or commenting on this blog does not create attorney-client relationship. Reach me at View all posts by Alex Craigie

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